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Close Your Eyes is a puzzle horror game where your only defense against enemies is to close your eyes. Enemies will not chase you while your eyes are closed. You are being hunted down in an eerie research facility with a backstory shrouded in mystery. The creatures that roam in this facility are tenacious and ruthless. Remember, if you can't see them, they can't see you.

You can't outrun them. You can't hide from them. Your only option is to close your eyes.


WSAD - Move
Left Mouse - Close/Open eyes
E - Interact
CTRL - Crouch
ESC - Settings






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Close Your Eyes (Windows) 623 MB
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Hey, I decided to play this game, but when I open it, there's no sound. Any way to fix this? Thanks in advance!

the graphics are so good i love the game was really scared xD sometimes it does crash or just freeze so please do fix those issues 

Played the game, I gotta be honest for a free horror game like this, IT IS VERY GOOD. I'll rate it 100/10. The atmosphere and the sound kills me the most.  If you guys wanna watch my gameplay:

Hey! Part of your game is also available on my channel's fun video!

It's still on the way, but it's scary!

This is a highly recommended horror game.



15/10 amazing game!



I like the power to see in the dark. However, the paths to follow are difficult. However interesting it is.


Hey Can I Use Your Idea for android game ?



Игра просто отпад, геймплея на целый час, играл не отрываясь. Держит в жути и страхе, приятные головоломки. Спасибо Автору! Жду новых игр.

its amazing

A great creepy experience with a really neat mechanic , the husks are terrifying to look at and the environments are as equally disturbing but asthetically pleasing to look at. The back story is good in the fact you are not necessarily trying to escape the facility but you are here for a reason and i also like the fact the husks chase you down if you knock a vase over, maybe in future releases they could be used as sound distractions by throwing them away from you.

 The only troubles i had while playing were the hand maze where the route seemed a little narrow ( but that could be down to my lack of experience in the game) and also the eye cube puzzles , perhaps a hint next to the first one may help the player along like there is on the second puzzle.

 Overall the game is interesting and an enjoyable to play a few  minor issues but it does not subtract from this unique game.


Ha great game mechanic. I feel like you can push this concept even further and grow.  For example, color changes while closing the eyes, some monsters appear when eyes are closed...etc. It was a lot of fun!


Hello my name is Aarav and we have a company in which we make games.  PC game and we like your game very much.  We have thought that you become a partner of our company and you work for our company, we will put your game on Steam and do some modifications in your game which can compete with big games.  Because your knowledge is very good and you are looking very good in making games.  Because it shows how good your game is. Your game has been liked by all our team and you want to take it in the project, can you become a partner of our team and you will have to work in our company forever if  You can also leave if you want.

FIrst episode of playthrough, fantastic game 10/10 spookfactor


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Ooo just found out about this game, definitely going to be recording this one soon.

Edit 3/10/20: It's certainly an interesting game so far~

This was a lot more in depth than I expected, and I absolutely loved it! The puzzles weren't overly challenging, and the story fell very cohesive! Fantastic game! Here's my playthrough:

Very fun game played it a long time ago but had to play it again love this game :D

Thank you for both the laughs and scares :D

Well done, very unique!

this is the most terrifying horror game😅

The game keeps crashing, please help or fix.

Hi, whenever I try to open your game it automatically opens SteamVR.  Is there a fix for this?

Just played it and... I was freakin scared. lolz nice job

Hi! I played your game and really enjoyed it. The mechanic for having to find stuff with your eyes closed was a great touch. I didn't complete it but i had a lot of fun with this game none the less =) Feel free to watch my playthrough of it and let me know how i handled it!

best game iv ever played and it is so intricate and runs like dream on my low end pc all i had to do was lower the quality. a small price to pay for salvation.


made this game my first gameplay for my channel (:

hey so I've been trying to run this for like a year now and ue4 keeps crashing

would it have anything to do with windows 10?

I develop games on my windows 10 with UE4 and I haven't had a problem.

It might be your files got corrupted somewhere or your antivirus is acting up.

Awesome mechanics! Very impressed by the atmosphere as well! Hopefully more monsters are coming! Keep it up!

this game really got my eye,No pun intended,but it was really nice

Here's the final part! Awesome game, I really enjoyed it! :D

Part 2 of hilarious Gameplay. Enjoy!

My second episode is out! Check it out if you have the time! :D <3

loved your game reminds me of the best of games ive played and so much more here is my playthrough 

FANTASTIC game. Nice mechanic, and I'm glad it was implemented so well througout the game.

This game made me question reality. 10/10 

Pretty fun lol
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