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If I want to play it again,  but I got "that" ending, is there a way for me to play it again? It keeps closing.

this game is god tier a want a remake made with better textures and a less confusing plot, but is the est game i play for a lot of time

I agree

Man this game is good jumpscare got me too bad... great game 👍 needs more improvement

Played this on stream but had to leave after a few minutes. Wanted to come back to it for a while, and I'm really glad I did. This is very good! A step above most of the horror games I've played from here.

Interesting mechanics, genuinely spooky atmosphere, and a cool, esoteric story with some twists. I'd definitely recommend it. Took me maybe an hour to beat it, but I *am* very dumb.

I have to say, I really love what you did with this game! That you could stop the monster by just closing your eyes makes the game way scarier, because eventually you also have to open them. I hate doing that, so that made it very scary and cool. 

I'll leave my playthrough as well so that you and other can see how I enjoyed your game! WELL DONE and I can't wait for new projects.

I did not expect anything like this. Awesome game! Loved it!

Since I just started I'd love some feedback myself as well :

I've seen YuB play this on Youtube.


Soo scary

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that was an very incredible game even i got scared and i played things like outlast without getting scared

Incroyable ce jeu !!! J'ai beaucoup aimer, j'espère qu'il y en aura un deuxième un jour ;)

I really enjoyed this horror mystery. The concept of closing your eyes to escape danger is brilliantly terrifying~

I absolutely loved this game! It was horrifying at parts, and man, if I didn't live up to my name on these puzzles, haha! I stumbled through that with as little grace as possible, but hey, even I could do it! Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see what else you do in the future.

God, man, this game is great. It's very interesting to solve puzzles. A smiling shell is chasing me. It's so scary! Close your eyes and see the strange world!


I ain't closing shit expect doors

You know I hate cuss words.


I'm sorry, for my rude actions, my behavior was so out of normal, i should punish myself for not playing any of these games for 2 days, i am sorry Rush, i didn't mean for my bad behavior to go this far, My apologies.

It's ok, just, make sure to not do it again, you might not know if they might be a 10 year old or not.

Oh Ok





the fact that they made a game that let you close your eyes and fufill your own desires was amazing but YOU STILL HAD TO KEEP GOING! the story telling combined with the jump scares is so well done 10/10 game.

*The gameplay mechanic of opening and closing your eyes is used in an original (and terrifying ) way that was even used for navigation puzzles. 

*Polished graphics and a few scenes with different art styles.

*Some simple but well thought out "find the code" challenges.

*A story that can AND NEEDS to be expanded on. (sequel  time?) 

*Awesome huge Spookey Statues ٩(º౪º๑)۶

*At times it had a unique feeling that a haunted house gives you that's hard to describe. This developer has a made and distinguishable style and I love it. 

This game feels like visage from 2013. So perfect!


Linux player here. First let me say that what I was able to play properly was absolutely brilliant, atmospheric, unique, and genuinely horrifying. However, the Linux version definitely needs some work. I'm not sure if it's a dependancy issue or something, but certain transitions will not load, leaving the player in a black screen.

The first instance of this occurs i nthe VIEW facility at the start, after the "facility unstable" sign and the player gets attacked by big dress lady (no idea what to call them lol). From what I've seen on Youtube, what ought to occur here is transportation to some other realm after a static transition. Instead I am left in a black screen. I can move forward blindly (eyes open or closed, still can't see), to get to the next area, but this issue persists. The green eye upstairs that hints the player on what to do appears to use the same transition, and this time leaves you completely stranded in a black screen, no audio, and no return to the gameworld.

This renders the game practically unplayable after escaping the husk in the elevator, as I presume a "green eye" is needed for the hint to unlock the combination for the door. Now I could brute force it as there are only 1000 possible keys with no timeout, but I really shouldn't have to.

Furthermore, the shellscript to boot the game appears to create the following filepath for the games .uproject file:


I'm no expert at shellscript, but from what I can tell, I believe this filepath references the "CloseYourEyes" directory which has the "Content" folder in it. In this directory there is no uproject file. I ran 'sudo find / -iname *.uproject', and only found a reference to a different game on my entire system. In the Content folder one finds mp4 files, likely the transitions, so it's my guess that if this file is missing, then the game has no file to point you to, and you're left at a black screen. I could be wrong though. I am also yet to test the game on other distros, though I just might to see if that's the issue.

Here are my system specs if that helps:

Thanks for this report, I will look into it.

This game was really good! Can’t say I 100% understand the story, but sill enjoyed the gameplay and visuals! Got all the endings, too!

this game was really cool! I liked it  a lot. puzzle solving and exploration / creatures trying to get you... what more could you ask for :D 

Can't start the game without Oculus starting it in VR. Has made it completely unplayable normally.

It was a really nice game, I have more expectations from this producer, I wish you continued success :)

Also, I would love to see a new game from this producer.


Played this yesterday on stream and I cannot compliment the dev enough.  I think every aspect of this was perfectly executed.  This really embodies the artistry of indie game development and I feel lucky to have played it.  Amazing work.

IndyRush on Twitch

Thanks so much :)

The game was PHENOMENAL. Perfect mixture of puzzle solving, scary but not being in your face, as well as a pinch of sillyness. I loved it. Here is my video playing it to almost entrety (only got one ending). 10/10 for short indie games.


bro imagine all the sorts of secret information blind people are getting in the world rn

Close Your Eyes is a puzzle horror game where u only rely on your eyes to survive


The game does not work for me!

What is so hard about pointing out that it is a 64 bit game?


what game engine you use?

i think they used unreal engine 4

Hey,  I’m an amateur developer looking for work, and to gain some experience in the industry. Are you by chance looking to hire for future projects? 

Currently, no. But I appreciate the offer. Good luck with your job search!


Markiplier played your game!

This game took me on a whole trip but I finished it :D I enjoyed playing it. Thank you 

It was very interesting. A mysterious view of the world.


Hello, I tried this game out for a video. It was not bad, I liked the game mechanic. But I have to admit. At one point I guess I was just to dumb to figure out how to continue. Still, pretty good game.

My full playtrough

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