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Love it

Loved the combination of puzzles and the scariness of the creatures! It also has some interesting mechanics at play! Highly Recommended!

Very well made for an indie game! I loved the change of mechanics that I haven't seen in a game in a long time! 

Old But Good

hey friends!  Hope you enjoyed the Video Just as much as I enjoyed the game! 
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Everyone in the other comments: ah yes, this had many metaphors, i'ts very symbolical and meaningful

Me: my brain broke during that and all I understand is that I probably took LSD by accident or something

(the actual mechanic of closing your eyes to see specific things, and to not be seen, was really cool though)

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You can never trust your eyes, especially not in this game.. but make sure they don't get stolen as well. Even so, this game was SO GREAT and I loved every second of it, even the jumpscares lol Youtube Link -

Wow. I saw this on youtube many times before actually playing it myself and the story and just the general length and quality of the game stays enjoyable! Also this is one of those free indie titles that could justify a paywall due to overall quality! gg dev! :)))

loved this game, appreciate the multiple endings giving replayability to the game. the aesthetics were really nice, as well as the whole close your eyes mechanic was so good. thank you for making this. :)

From the generous playtime, graphics, mechanics, and story, this free game goes above and beyond! Highly recommend! 1000/10! 

really well made, congrats

32 Bit ?

Such a clever mechanic. The puzzles in this were great too. The husks are creepy. What'd you think?

fantastic game, beautiful concept, interesting story, and multiple cool endings, keep it up

Damn good game. Once I played her demo, and it was a real long time ago, but now she has grown a lot. Yes, here I threw off only a piece of the walkthrough (which was in the demo, lol), but I just haven’t finished editing the walkthrough yet, but went through it completely, so I’ll give a complete review. So, the plot is very unusual and strange. The View Labs are very reminiscent of the Portal, and also somewhat reminded of the SCP. But the game itself is very original. It is not clear just who was that strange Madame without an eye and where the protagonist got this eye from, and this is interesting. I was also very impressed with the endings, of which there are already 3 (if I understand correctly). As the ending with the fact that the world has come to an end, and the Husks have nowhere to go, so is the ending with Madam and the "true ending" with the explosion of the complex, where no one managed to escape. GG's hallucinations, inspired by Madame, are very frightening and unusual, and the riddles are complex and somehow even very remotely reminded Amnesia and Penumbra. And judging in general, the gameplay came out pretty good, and the unexpected twist at the end with Husk's vision and escape from monsters was really cool. In general, the game is extremely good in all aspects and I would really like to see its continuation, where we will be better told about the View Lab and the game world in general, because there are still a lot of questions. Well, that's all for me, as I said, I really liked the game, thanks to its author for that. I'll wait for the continuation, if possible)

2 part:

the third part

Dans un monde où l'on doit fermé les yeux pour voir la vérité.

uwielbiam te gre.

I loved!!

I found this concept of closing your eyes to stay safe to be excellent

Very interesting story by the way

Great game!!!

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Dioooooos, un juegazo, me la pasé super bien y muy aterrado, no sabías en que momento aparecería y esos epicos finales wou

Is there any where i can play on mac

linux build is just broken

Vaya que fue un buen juego. Bastante largo y muy desafiante.

Mira mi video!

I really like this game, it's a nice take on our childhood fears where we thought we were safe if we closed our eyes, what i do wish though is that there was at least an option in the menu that you can toggle that allows you to HOLD the "eye closing button, to make it a challenge, just imagine having to hold the mouse button, all while doing other things, makes it more realistic because you have to hold your eyes shut in real life, but other than that REALLY great game!

Why did she do this to me

*throws eyes over the fence*

you'll be here soon

If I want to play it again,  but I got "that" ending, is there a way for me to play it again? It keeps closing.

this game is god tier a want a remake made with better textures and a less confusing plot, but is the est game i play for a lot of time

I agree

Man this game is good jumpscare got me too bad... great game 👍 needs more improvement

Played this on stream but had to leave after a few minutes. Wanted to come back to it for a while, and I'm really glad I did. This is very good! A step above most of the horror games I've played from here.

Interesting mechanics, genuinely spooky atmosphere, and a cool, esoteric story with some twists. I'd definitely recommend it. Took me maybe an hour to beat it, but I *am* very dumb.

I have to say, I really love what you did with this game! That you could stop the monster by just closing your eyes makes the game way scarier, because eventually you also have to open them. I hate doing that, so that made it very scary and cool. 

I'll leave my playthrough as well so that you and other can see how I enjoyed your game! WELL DONE and I can't wait for new projects.

I did not expect anything like this. Awesome game! Loved it!

Since I just started I'd love some feedback myself as well :

I've seen YuB play this on Youtube.


Soo scary

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that was an very incredible game even i got scared and i played things like outlast without getting scared

Incroyable ce jeu !!! J'ai beaucoup aimer, j'espère qu'il y en aura un deuxième un jour ;)

I really enjoyed this horror mystery. The concept of closing your eyes to escape danger is brilliantly terrifying~

I absolutely loved this game! It was horrifying at parts, and man, if I didn't live up to my name on these puzzles, haha! I stumbled through that with as little grace as possible, but hey, even I could do it! Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see what else you do in the future.

God, man, this game is great. It's very interesting to solve puzzles. A smiling shell is chasing me. It's so scary! Close your eyes and see the strange world!


I ain't closing shit expect doors

You know I hate cuss words.


I'm sorry, for my rude actions, my behavior was so out of normal, i should punish myself for not playing any of these games for 2 days, i am sorry Rush, i didn't mean for my bad behavior to go this far, My apologies.

It's ok, just, make sure to not do it again, you might not know if they might be a 10 year old or not.

Oh Ok

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