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We really loved your game.  It is trully an original concept.

Keep up the good work !!!

Yo, I featured your game in my latest video. And I absolutely loved it! I didn't expect to get this creeped out by any of the games I featured, but yours sure a good job at creeping me the hell out!

Your game starts at 11:28

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I loved the gameplay element! It was scary until you see the funny faces of the guys hunting you down lol

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When i tried to start the game it said that unreal engine 4 had crashed without the game even starting up. Is there a way to fix this?

Are you able to run other Unreal 4 games? Are you on Windows or Linux? 

yes and windows

Could you do me a favor by clicking on "click here to view directory" when the game crashes and sending me the crash report? (Through google drive /google docs/ whatever)

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I am not sure how to do that.

If you could private message you and give me your email i COULD send the files straight to your email. 

Deleted 2 years ago

Hey I am having the same problem right now did you found out how to fix that problem if not I can send you the crash report from mine.


Loved it lol. It was super strange but good lol. I played it in a live stream. You can watch my playthrough below if you want! Keep up the great work. Hope to see some more spoopy games from this developer! 


Such Spooper, :0


I played this game (before the two latest updates) some time ago, was a lot of fun, I really like the premise, and I think the game actually executed it really well (The monster was smart, but not a total cheapskate, and the puzzles were juuust fair enough and you never really get stuck as such) So big "GOOD JOB" from me! 
Link to my livestream of this game:

Really enjoyed the game, keep it up! :D

that's great game. I played fun.재밌게 플레이 했어요:)

¡Una pasada! Clara prueba de que los juegos indies también pueden ser muy buenos. Ah! Y originales. Un aplauso, fuerza y a seguir así👏. Os dejo link a mi recorrido por el juego. No tiene perdida 😱 

Juegazo, pasé miedo de verdad. Os dejo mi gameplay en español de Close your Eyes: 


Finally was able to finish the game!  Both the games endings were very cool and interesting great job! :D 



you're welcome! :D


Very Impressed with this excellent horror game, fantastic game mechanics and quirks!


This is different from alot of horror games I have played I love how closing your eyes is one of main focus of the game!  I also enjoy the puzzles and having to avoid monsters!  I really like this game great job :D 


Loving the game so far! It's keeping me on edge for most of it so far and atmosphere makes everyhting feel intense! I hope you enjoy the video! 


Wowee. I luv. Next time definitely not going to starbucks.

FR cant believe this game is free. thx.

No mechanic felt overused. Everything felt natural and fluid. Puzzles were frequent enough but not forced, kept it entertaining. Spooks didn't feel expected or inauthentic. Would pay for game. ty ty


Yo dude I got really into your game and speedran it, hope you enjoy!


lol my friend and i aren't done playing and seeing ur thumbnail makes me scared to continue 



Oh my word, this is an experience! Love the intuitive controls guide at the beginning, and then the instant hurtling of the player into a hellscape!

The atmosphere is amazing, it looks great and the pay offs are fantastic. Well worth checking out, and I certainly hope we see more. Keep up the great work =)


Well that all happened. I promise I had 0 nightmares....okay maybe 50.


great game colin really great absolutely loved it here is pt 3 greetings from germany 


I played the entire thing in one go. (will be 2 videos) but GAHH I hate horror games. My own footsteps scared me! I'm happy I played it though. Good game.

(also early on I say noise crackle was from the game. I believe it was actually just to loud in my headphones)


Well This game makes me want to continue playing more of it...


I have titled my video for this game - "The most amazing Indie game ever made"... And I bloody mean it. 

This game broke my brain with it's unexpected awesomeness. I liked everything about this game. If you like mind bending horror adventures, I highly suggest that you play this game. But if you are short on time, I have made a video of all the best bits. Thank you so much for this game Colin and team. You have made my year.

Thank you so much!


This was a lot more puzzling than I was anticipating, but a cool demo. The hand part did end my run tho.


I love this. I'm not sure I understand exactly what was going on but I love how you took an interesting game mechanic, then built a bizarre world around it. Lots of fun!


Very nice game! Thanks for making a fun game

the game shows me a crash report every time i try to open it... any ideas?

What are your computer's specs? Are you able to run other Unreal 4 games? Have you tried re-downloading the game?

I haven't tried any other Unreal 4 games and yes i have tried to re download it

AMD A4-6300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics

Video Card
AMD Radeon HD 8370D

8.0 GB

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10 (build 15063), 64-bit

Try running this Unreal 4 game and see if it works:

I have pretty low fps but yes it does work


Amazing game, had a great experience With it, loved all the endings!


This was damn awesome game with really spooky environment and gameplay being pretty scary with the mechanic that is the name of this game.Not sure if I understood the endings but still I had great scary time and I hope to see more from u guys


This is so good! Scared the shit out of me in the elevator when i had to run :D Please give us more of this!


Damn never thought opening your eyes to see can be scary.


Great job! Love this game it kept me on edge the whole time and really brought something different to the plate.


This game was genuinely unnerving. I swear it's been quite some time since I felt so uneasy. Got me squealing like a little girl. Thanks man. 


I loved this game, it left me amazed throughout the entire game, it was terrifying.  10/10 would recommend.


This game was freakin' terrifying. Worthy of a playthrough for horror fans.

I reviewed your game to let our fans know! Super scary.

Thanks for taking the time to write this! By the way, what bugs did you encounter? 


No problem, Colin. It turns out it wasn't a bug. I was just stuck at one part and then figured it out. I've updated the write-up to reflect the changes!


Colin, this is fantastic. This game has given me chills, something a horror game hasn't done for a while (excluding Emily wants to play). This game is worth paying for and should be put on Steam. As John Wolfe said the mechanics are definitely interesting, and the story is consistent. I am excited to play more of this! 

Negatives: personally, I struggled to figure out some puzzles. I'm not good at puzzle games, so this is just me. Otherwise, I hope this story gets a sequel. Thanks for the good times Colin.

- Blackfist


Thank you!


OH GOD, THAT'S A HUSK! | Close Your Eyes

one of the coolest/creepiest games i've played! that husk is terrifying XD really good job on creating this game!! :D


That closing your eyes mechanic sure does add suspense doesn't it? hahahaha. The puzzles start off fairly easy enough but, get harder later. I get stumped don't want to ruin it for anyone but, seems other people are having a bit of a struggle as well! Question that is still on my mind are we a robot test subject?

How long is this game?

About 40-50 minutes


Thank you :D

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All in all I was very impressed with this. Some really great and tense sequences with some simple puzzle areas to mix it up a bit. Much more surreal than I was expecting.

Definitely worth a try.

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